Fitness designed to FIT you

Lift online coaching

We take a focus on sustainable and progressive fitness and strength training for life. We customize each workout based on what equipment you have available to you, current fitness, goals and feedback from you.

First month

The first month is $215 which includes a mobility and movement assessment, zoom consultation and 2-4 workouts/wk (depending on what will work best for each individual).

Second month

Month 2 it would move to $150 (3 workouts) or $165/mo (4 workouts) depending on your ideal . All workouts are provided through truecoach including movement videos, and daily check ins. This is how we communicate and work together to progress your workouts and make sure you keep progressing in a way that honors you and your body.

Hybrid training

Merging online and in person training to suite your schedule best! Contact us for available in person classes


I wear many hats in my day to day life as a wife, mom of three girls, Recreation Therapist and lastly a fitness coach and personal trainer. As someone who enjoyed playing high level sport through my youth and young adulthood, physical fitness has always been a priority but was a way for me to excel in my chosen sport, soccer.

Throughout adulthood my reason and passion for fitness changed.  After graduating from the University of Alberta, I became a registered Recreation Therapist..

Tiff Walker

Tiff Walker is a Fitness Coach based out of her home and garage gym, with a passion for pre and post natal exercise, along with coaching women through ALL stages of life.

Becoming a personal trainer before the birth of her children and having since then taken her CF-L1, Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach, Pregnancy &Post Partum Athleticism courses, The Female Athlete, Precision Nutrition…

Our goals

To create a habit of moving your body, in a consistent and sustainable way for LIFE, with balanced workouts (squat/hinge/pull/push movements/monostructural movements).

We believe in complete workout autonomy, where we provide and you decide.

You get to take the drivers seat, and choose the intensity, weight and stimulus each day relative to how YOU are feeling – regardless of what the program says. A true chance to listen and ask your body what it needs EACH time.

We are here to support you no matter your goal – whether it be gaining or preserving muscle, increasing bone density, improving balance and assisting in stress management – you are capable of achieving it!